Cashew Butter Banana Bread Bars are grain free, paleo and have no added sugar! You will be shocked at how delicious and clean they are!
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Cashew Butter Banana Bread Bars {Grain Free}

Banana Bread is one of those things you just NEED to make when you see browning bananas on your counter.  Eariler this week I went to Trader Joes and picked up 4 bananas that looked like they were about to turn brown - ya know that super…
These Coconut Crusted Cacao Brownies are grain free and oil free! The healthy fat comes from avocado and they are sweetened with maple syrup!
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Coconut Crusted Cacao Brownies

It's time for all of the Chocolate and all of the love!! Valentines day is next week and I am a firm believer that the best way to spread love is with food! And it is a great excuse to bust out the cacao and celebrate.  I packed these brownies…
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Gingerbread Blondies w/ Almond Molasses Swirl

The holiday season is officially in full swing which means it's time to bake!  For me, gingerbread is one of my favorite flavors in December because it makes me think of the molasses cookies my mom makes and the gingerbread men we used…
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Clean Cinnamon Pecan Pie Bars

This post goes out to my favorite lover of everything pecan!! My dad!! :)  He absolutely loves pecan pie, pecan bars, pecan everything!!  So I set out to make a healthy version of his favorite cinnamon pecan pie bars.   The first big…
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Cacao Tahini Freezer Fudge

This Cacao Tahini Freezer Fudge has only 5 ingredients and is beyond simple to make. Paleo, vegan and perfect for a healthy snack or dessert!
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Chocolate Peppermint Avocado Brownies

People. I have a serious addiction to these brownies.  You would never be able to tell that there is avocado instead of butter and whole wheat flour instead of white.  I made these on Sunday and after eating 4 that day... I put them in…
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Cherry Almond Crumble Bars

CHERRY! ALMOND! Two wonderful flavors are about to enter your life in perfect harmony.  This recipe came to fruition as most do.  Almond meal in the pantry and cherries in the freezer!  Those 2 things combined with my need to make baked…
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Triple Chip Pretzel Fudge

 Sometimes you just want fudge.  Sometimes you are eating pretzels and think, I wish I could throw these on top of some fudge.  No?  Is that just me?  Well that happened this weekend.  Then I realized I didn't have enough chocolate chips.…
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Malted Rice Krispie Treats w/ Robin Eggs

 Okay lets have a serious discussion.  Do you find yourself constantly justifying eating delicious treats?  Let me tell you about my inner battles. October: "I can eat a bag of candy corn a day, they are only around once a year!" December:…
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Pumpkin Spice & Chocolate Chip Blondies

Hi friends!  This hiatus has gone on long enough.  I am finally moved into the beautiful beach house in Laguna and could not be happier.  Yesterday was the first chance I got to bake in my new kitchen!  It was divine.  The view is breath…
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Nutter Butter Brownies

 I know I know, Peanut Butter and Chocoalte again!?  The answer to that is simple.  HECK YES!  In this never ending hunt for a condo, my dad and the guys at his office have been working hard, and guess what? They like Peanut Butter and…

S'mores Brownies

Sometimes I dislike Mondays.  And when I say sometimes I mean most times.  5 whole days until Friday? Its just not fair.  But I have decided that today will be a good day.  The week 2 weigh-in did not go well.  Time to get my ask into…