This Bourbon Orange Spritz is the perfect bourbon cocktail for warm days that is a cleaner and healthier version than most!
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Bourbon Orange Spritz

It's Tuesday so clearly, it's time for a cocktail!  You know I love light drinks using my honey syrup, so if you are a bourbon lover, stay tuned!  This drink could not be easier to make and is so refreshing for a warm day.  This weekend…
This Whole30 Almond Dip is super simple to make, flavorful and paleo!
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Whole30 Almond Dip - 3 Ways!

I am a huge fan of appetizers and dips but once you do a Whole30 you realize there aren’t a ton of super clean and healthy dips out there!  I used to be a huge fan of hummus (and still am) but when you cut beans out... that craving is still…
These PB & J Nice Cream Bites are dairy free, grain free, and full of flavor! A great afternoon snack or dessert!
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PB & J Nice Cream Bites

The warm weather lately has been giving me so much life and putting a pep in my step! So of course I immediately start drinking more smoothies and making nice cream.  If you haven't heard of nice cream its basically just fruit that is blended…
This Shocking Strawberry Lemonade is so delicious and perfect for any party!
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Shocking Strawberry Lemonade

It's cocktail time!!  When I was in Scottsdale last weekend for a bachelorette party we went to this great restaurant called Culinary Dropout and had the most amazing cocktails, so I had to recreate it!  I love a tasty cocktail that isn't…
This Dairy Free Cashew Spinach Artichoke Dip is the perfect paleo appetizer for any party!
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Dairy Free Cashew Spinach Artichoke Dip

It's time for Super Bowl recipes!! To be honest I am not a huge football fan, I am a tailgate fan.  This year I think I am rooting for the Rams because haven't the Patriots won enough?? Okay okay maybe I should just stay neutral because...…
This BBQ Pulled Pork is super easy to make in the instant pot and is also Whole30 compliant thanks to sugar free barbecue sauce!
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Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Sweet Potato Buns (Instant Pot & Whole30)

Pulled pork sandwiches are one of my favorite things ever! They are great anytime of year and thank goodness for the instant pot because now they are also super easy to make. When I did my first Whole30, three years ago, there were no…
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How to Make a Charcuterie Platter

  And now ya know!! I am the official Charcuterie Board maker of my family and whenever I make one or post one I get tons of questions about them.  I hope this video inspires you to make one for your next party!  I get my Charcuterie…
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Popsicle Cocktail!

New motto:  Put a popsicle in it!  With the inevitable hot summer ahead of us, we have to get creative with our ice cubes... and our cocktails.  I got some wild cherry skinny girl vodka recently and it is so tasty.  I can…
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Chocolate Dipped Lemon Cloud Cookies

I like to say often that life is all about balance.  It's my excuse for having a green drink and a candy bar then telling myself they cancel each other out.  It just seems to work for me.  Sometimes balance is as simple as citrus…
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Chewy Coconut-Lime Sugar Cookies

 A chewy cookie with a a little crunch is hard to come by.  My friend Katie got me the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook for Christmas.  She knows me well.  This book is amazing! They explain what they are trying to make and…
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Buffalo Chicken Dip

The Super Bowl is coming up! And although I am not a football fanatic, I do enjoy the whole sit around the TV, drink beer and eat delicious appetizers thing.  I tested out a few recipes this weekend and I must say this dip was KILLER.…
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Butterfinger Caramel Corn

Life can be hard at times.  I haven't posted on the site in a while, and I apologize! Life happened last week.  And life got real.  My grandma, who is one of the strongest, cutest, funniest people of all time, passed away.  …