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Paleo Blueberry Muffin Pancakes

Let's take a beat and talk about pancakes. Love em or hate em??  Okay that was basically rhetorical because who doesn't LOVE pancakes!?  I am pro pancakes and when I was growing up I was chocolate chip all the way.  I had the…
This Grain Free Double Chocolate Banana Bread is moist, sweet and loved by everyone!!
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Grain Free Double Chocolate Banana Bread

This was the second time I made this banana bread & DANG it is super delish!!  It is grain free and I love that I just throw everything in a blender to mix it up then pour it into the pan.  Easy peasy.  I also love that…
This Whole30 Breakfast Meatloaf is the perfect protein to prep for a week of Whole30 success!
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Whole30 Breakfast Meatloaf

I know what you are thinking... really Kelsey, breakfast meatloaf?!  But PEOPLE! You know I would never steer you wrong!  When I do a Whole30 and want to make sure I eat enough at each meal so I don't need to snack, I find that protein…
These paleo donettes are perfect little bites of a grain free treat!
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Paleo Donettes

Let's talk donettes!!  But first, buy this mini donut pan so you can make these yourself!  So if you have been to a grocery store or gas station you have seen the classic hostess donettes. They come coated in some kind of chocolate…
These 10 Sweet Potato Toast Recipes are great alternatives to bread for any time of the day!
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10 Epic Sweet Potato Toast Recipes

  How fun was Sweet Potato Toast Week?!  I wanted to share a full list of all of my sweet potato toast recipes so you have a hub to find them all! Don't for get the key to a good sweet potato toast is always a great knife and…
This Bacon Kale Sweet Potato Toast is Paleo, grain-free and packed with nutrients!
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Bacon Kale Sweet Potato Toast

Bacon on my brain all day errrday!  Yesterday I took over the Pederson's Farms Instagram account and basically just cooked and ate bacon and sausage all day.  It is a beautiful world isn't it?  You should totally check…
Sweet Potato Toast French Toast - a simple, tasty and Paleo friendly breakfast or snack!
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Sweet Potato Toast French Toast

DAY 2!  I feel like Sweet Potato Toast FRENCH TOAST really makes me want to use caps lock on this entire post.  To be honest with you have have always wanted to love french toast because I love cinnamon vanilla crispy bread, but…
These Sweet Potato Toast Breakfast Burgers are the perfect protein packed whole30 breakfast option!
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Sweet Potato Toast Breakfast Burger

IT'S HERE!!! Today is the first day of my first annual SWEET POTATO TOAST WEEK!!  Can you feel the excitement?  I have been working on some amazing sweet potato toast recipes to share with you every day this week - that's right, 5 new…
These Grain Free Date and Chocolate Chip Muffins are the perfect snack, dessert or breakfast! Packed with nutrients and comes together in one bowl!
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Grain Free Date and Chocolate Chip Muffins

Happy Monday!! What better way to start your week than with Grain Free Date and Chocolate Chip Muffins?!  I was thinking of doing a muffin recipe and was racking my brain for a yummy combo to throw inside.  I saw some enjoy life…
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Spring Veggie Egg Bake

Let's talk about veggies at breakfast! This Spring Veggie Egg Bake is my jam right now.  Most days for breakfast I go with my standard eggs and chicken sausage for lots of protein, and try to add in leftover veggies if we have them.  But…
This Churro Banana Bread Skillet Cake is the perfect easter or spring dessert and loved by all ages! Paleo, Grain Free and full of flavor, you would never know it's healthy!
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Churro Banana Bread Skillet Cake

Cake being served right in the skillet, what a fabulous time to be alive!!  This Churro Banana Bread Skillet Cake came from a place deep in my heart that loves ALL things coated in cinnamon sugar.  I think it was my years of eating…
This Vanilla Green Smoothie Bowl recipe is a super simple way to start your morning! Packed with flavor and protein with Vital Proteins!
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Vanilla Green Smoothie Bowl

It's about time I shared my favorite Vanilla Green Smoothie Bowl with you!!  This has been our go to smoothie bowl recipe for years and it couldn't be easier.  I whip it up in our Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor which I absolutely…