This Raspberry Lemon Kombucha Sangria is the perfect fresh way to celebrate the summer! Packed with flavor and probiotics!
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Raspberry Lemon Kombucha Sangria

Let's get ready for some summer FUN!!  I don't know about you but summer brings a few things to mind.  More time outside, more time with with friends and more time talking a deep breath and enjoying yourself!!  And all of these things…
This Whole30 Breakfast Meatloaf is the perfect protein to prep for a week of Whole30 success!
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Whole30 Breakfast Meatloaf

I know what you are thinking... really Kelsey, meatloaf for breakfast?!  But PEOPLE! You know I would never steer you wrong!  When I do a Whole30 and want to make sure I eat enough at each meal so I don't need to snack, I find that protein…
This Roasted Strawberry Vanilla Bean Sauce goes perfectly with these paleo and vegan pancakes and both recipes come together in a ninja blender!

Roasted Strawberry Vanilla Bean Sauce

Who is ready for a bit of breakfast heaven?? How about a full breakfast spread that is Paleo AND Vegan?!  Well I am so excited to share that I have teamed up with The Real Food Dietitians and Ninja to bring you just that.  I whipped up…
This Whole30 Artichoke Platter is the perfect appetizer to bring to a potluck or barbecue this summer or any time of the year!
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Whole30 Artichoke Platter

You guys asked for it and you shall receive!! A few weeks ago I made this Whole30 Artichoke Platter for a get together and so many people on Instagram asked to get the recipe!  I thought it was just the perfect time to share this fabulous…
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Grilled Mango Shrimp Skewers

It is grilling season and I could not be happier about it!! If you are following me on instagram you have seen that the #freshfoodiefive have gotten together again to share some epic grilling recipes with you!  I am up today with these…
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Mexican Street Corn Dip

Let's talk DIP, specifically this Mexican Street Corn Dip, that just so happens to be dairy free!  I know your summer calendar is already filling up with parties, barbecues and festivities galore, so I wanted to arm you with a healthy yet…
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Thai Turkey Burgers

This post is sponsored by The Healthy Aperture Network Blogger and The National Turkey Federation. I was compensated and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for supporting Little Bits Of! You know I LOVE me some turkey burgers…
These paleo donettes are perfect little bites of a grain free treat!

Paleo Donettes

Let's talk donettes!!  But first, buy this mini donut pan so you can make these yourself!  So if you have been to a grocery store or gas station you have seen the classic hostess donettes. They come coated in some kind of chocolate substance,…
Using Nakano Rice Vinegar in this Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai is an easy way to add flavor to this Whole30 and paleo recipe that reminds you of the classic recipe!
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Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai

This post is sponsored by Mizkan’s Nakano Rice Vinegar. I was compensated and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for supporting Little Bits Of! I feel like this Sweet Potato Chicken Pad Thai recipe has been sitting in the…
This Shaved Brussels Sprout and Kale Salad has a delicious Sweet Basil Dressing! It is a Whole30 and paleo salad for the summer!

Shaved Brussels Sprout & Kale Salad with Sweet Basil Dressing

All hail the kale salad!  When I discovered the art of massaging dressing into kale to soften it, my whole kale world was rocked! Kale can be such a harsh veg not only on your mouth with it's sharp and curly edges, but also on your stomach!…
30 Whole30 Grilling Recipes for all of your summer parties and barbecues!
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30 Whole30 Grilling Recipes

It's almost Memorial Day which means it is officially grilling season!!  Summer is the best time of year because it is the easiest time of year to eat healthy!! Salads galore and grilled meats and veggies are on everyones to do list so…
This Mexican Cauliflower Rice is the perfect way to enjoy the authentic mexican rice flavors with a healthy twist!
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Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Hey guys it’s Mexican Cauliflower Rice MONDAY!!! Oh you didn’t know that was a thing?  Well I just decided it’s a thing.  After last week’s sweet potato toast week I just want every day to be themed I think.  But I am super pumped…