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Paleo Pumpkin Crunch Muffins

  Baking season is THE BEST.  And my love for a crunchy topping on just about anything – smoothie bowls, salads, and especially muffins, takes over this time of year!  The thing with baked goods is that Matt and I both LOVE them – so we eat them… fast.  So when I bake I like […]

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Instant Pot Five Spice Beef Stew

I don’t know about you but for some reason beef stew used to intimidate me.  It seemed like a long process that frankly I never had the patience for! But let’s just say thank you to the Instant Pot for changing my mind about that!  This thing cooks stuff so quickly!!  And the fact there […]


Let’s Talk About… Hormones

It’s the first Let’s Talk About Tuesday and I am so happy to finally share a bit more into my personal life that doesn’t always make it onto the blog.  I’ve come to realize there is a fine line between sharing things that happen to me in order to be helpful and transparent, and oversharing […]

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A Week of Whole30 Approved Lunches + Some Tips!

Lunch.  It is one of those things on Whole30 that can be left in the dust sometimes.  You are making killer breakfast hashes or sweet potato toast for breakfast, recreating your favorite Chinese takeout or meatloaf for dinner… but then you get to to the middle of the day and think WHAT NOW?! Well before […]

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Tarragon Peach Chicken Salad

Let’s use up those peaches people!! Today I am sharing this Tarragon Peach Chicken Salad that I am currently obsessing over!  To be honest I wanted to share this last week and had the photos all ready… until I realized I hadn’t written down the recipe!  I was pretty sure I remembered everything but I […]

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Instant Pot Orange Chicken

Okay i’m read to admit it.  I LOVE MY INSTANT POT!  I wasn’t sure about it at first, but after making my instant pot chicken shawarma and now this instant pot orange chicken… I am totally convinced! For this recipe I took the delicious orange sauce from my original Whole30 Orange Chicken and Orange Chicken Meatballs and […]