Before and after of my 5 week Kitchen Remodel!

Before and after of my 5 week Kitchen Remodel!

It was my birthday yesterday!! I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 28th year than sharing all of the details of my favorite room in our house!! My office, the party room, the best half of the house… THE KITCHEN!!  For those of you who don’t know, we bought this little house in November and about a week and a half later we started construction!  Matt and I were super lucky to be able to live at my parents house during the first 4 weeks of the remodel so we only had to live in renovation land for about a week or two.  We had planned to renovate when we bought it so we knew we had some money leftover after selling our condo and putting a down payment on the house.  This was nice but we still had a budget to stick to so looking for a good contractor was #1 on the to do list!  I got a few quotes but decided to go with Good Fellas Construction! I am soooo happy we did!!  Our Project Manager, Ran, met with us, gave us a quote and told us it would take 4-6 weeks after we got permits.  Well once we signed the contract we started demo about a week later!! It was crazy to see the wall come down.  When I walked in and saw this, it all started to feel so real!

Matt and I have dreamed about this kitchen long before we even thought about buying a house.  You know when you watch House Hunters or any HGTV show really, and you say “Oh yeah definitely take down that wall and paint the cabinets and this this, this and THAT!”  We all have an idea of what goes into a perfect kitchen or what our style is and this kitchen is our all the way!  White upper cabinets, gray lowers, exposed wood shelves, counter height chairs – check check check! Check out the video below for a quick look through the steps of the remodel:

I also love seeing this sketch vs. the final product:

Before and after of my 5 week Kitchen Remodel!

Beside the left pantry which we took out due to budget, it was exactly as I dreamed!!

Before and after of my 5 week Kitchen Remodel!

There weren’t any huge hiccups in the project besides little things that we decided to add in like the second wall going into the dining room that we decided to take out!  But we offset things like that with deciding to not put upper cabinets on the left side and doing open shelves there! These were cheaper than more cabinets and we installed them ourselves!  Link to where you can get them on etsy below!

Before and after of my 5 week Kitchen Remodel!

I still need to get some curtains for our big window but its so nice and open right now!! We get a great breeze through the house and I shoot my photos right to the left/ below the window which gets great light!  The whole renovation ended up taking 5 weeks and I couldn’t believe how well it all came together!  If you are interested in where I got everything I have linked to everything below!

Before and after of my 5 week Kitchen Remodel!


Contractor: Good Fellas Construction

Cabinets: Kitchen Pro


Cabinet Pulls: Franklin Bass on Amazon

Faucet: Delta

Open Shelves: WhiteFOXdecor on Etsy

Pendant Lights: West Elm

Counter Chairs: Target

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  1. Adrienne says:

    I am in love with your cabinets! I love the entire aesthetic you have going on in the kitchen now. I don’t have too many complaints about my own kitchen, but it needs some updating and I am definitely inspired after reading your blog and looking at the photos! Thank you so much for sharing the renovation with us.

  2. Noah Horn says:

    This is looking really fabulous. Being a chef, I know the importance of kitchen remodeling. Yes, you need a good and pleasing environment to cook delectable food. Also I’m a foodie and I can understand how it affects the overall experience of your home and your productivity. Many home owners think that it would cost them a lot to remodel their kitchen. Though it’s true, there are many methods that will help you to cut down cost on your remodeling process. And for that, it’s better to hire a kitchen remodeling professional.

  3. Kim T. says:

    Thanks for sharing Kelsey! My dream kitchen would also ideally include a farmhouse sink and a range hood similar to yours! The progress from concept sketch to reality is amazing.

  4. Emily Scott says:

    OMG. This is so pretttyyy. I can totally understand your feelings. I also got my tiny messy kitchen remodeled into a beautiful and spacious one. These kitchen contractors are truly magicians. I got mine done by Kitchen-n-catch Inc, and they were phenomenal.


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