My name is Kelsey and the way I approach & eat food is always evolving.  I grew up absolutely loving to bake and had the biggest sweet tooth ever. I had dreams of becoming a pastry chef, but 2 summers working in a bakery in college made me realize that wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The thing I love most about food is making it for friends and family. Food just makes people happy!

As I grew up and graduated college, I moved back in with my parents for a bit and started to get more into cooking.  So in May of 2012 I started this blog.  I started it as a way to document the meals & treats I made as well as the DIY projects I would do around the house.  Cut to 4 years later>>>  Married, homeowner, dog owner.  A lot can happen in 4 years!  Especially the way I look at health and what I eat.  I really started trying to lose a few pounds in the summer of 2014, to get into wedding shape.  After taking a couple years off of working out and enjoying one to many fun dinners out, I was starting to feel quite puffy… all the time.  So I started working out again and began tracking what I ate in My Fitness Pal.  This was a great way to start out because I had to come to terms with the fact that I should be eating way less than what I was eating.  And it totally worked!  I lost about 10 pounds in 6 months which was healthy and started to feel great, but I still felt pretty deprived.  I also found myself feeling like I couldn’t eat things like nuts because of the calorie content, but would wolf down 2 protein bars a day as snacks.  I knew it wasn’t very sustainable but didn’t know what the happy medium would be!

Then I saw the movie Fed Up.  WOW!  Eye opening.  If you haven’t seen it, the documentary talks about the food industry today and how they pump sugar into everything we eat.  Most processed food has added sugars in order to make it taste better and get us even more addicted to it.  Now this wasn’t something that was completely shocking. I know that “low-fat” usually just means more sugar and chemicals, but I never took the time to actually read the labels of most things I was consuming.  Those protein bars I thought were so healthy contained about 20 chemicals I couldn’t pronounce and just because it had protein and fiber I thought it was great.  The movie also talks about how hard those foods are on our bodies to break down and that is why that belly fat hangs on for dear life.

It all seemed to just make sense that I should stop putting those chemicals in my body.  So I thought, why not give it a try for a week?  In just one week I started to feel SO GREAT!  I didn’t feel deprived because I didn’t want the bad stuff anymore and I could eat a tasty steak covered in butter and caramelized onions!  It also gave me tons of inspiration for new recipes and therefore completely changed this blog over night.  If you look back in the archives you will find lots of tasty cake and cookie recipes and trust me they are good! I think I will just save those treats for special occasions now.

I will also come out and say that I am not about to turn down a delicious meal out, or a drink on the weekend, but I just try to be conscious about what I decide to eat.  Hopefully my story and recipes will inspire you to give it a try for yourself!  Now excuse me while I go eat all of the almond butter………


Just whipped up this blueberry smoothie bowl with all the goods! I didn't measure but it has: frozen bananas, peaches and cauliflower rice, blueberries, @kitehillfoods plain yogurt, a little water, peanut butter and @primalkitchenfoods vanilla Collagen fuel protein! Topped with two grain free granolas - @wildwayoflife banana nut and @paleonola chocolate fix! And more @calgiantberries blueberries and PB! Perfect late lunch/ snack to fuel the rest of the yard work to be done!
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-- This giveaway is so much more than just a fun week for Dana and I! I can't sing and don't have profesh moves but dancing makes me SO HAPPY. Could have been being raised by 2 dancing machines (my dad was a disco DJ back in the day), but I can't help but instantly get in a better mood by turning on some good music. I know most people feel that way but in the craziness of life it's hard to remember to take a minute out of the day to GET HAPPY! So that's really the challenge here. Can you take 2 minutes out of your day to do something good for your soul?? Even if you don't want to record it or win some awesome prizes, promise me you'll dance a little today - cause it's Friday and you deserve to be super happy! And please tell me if you and how it felt in the comments!
Stay tuned for my last dance of the week dedicated to @eats2know and the song that brought us together!
Taking all about my Monthly Must Haves on the blog today! Now that I'm doing these it feels like months just fly by!! Can't believe April is almost gone. Head to the link in my bio for my list including @thenewprimal, @rxbar and these @amazon microfiber cloths!!!
I think I need to work at @lolascafeldr every day 🤣🤣 loving this salad that I added curried cashew chicken salad to! And this @drinksolti drink is 👌🏼👌🏼130% of daily iron?! Yes please.
Made this super delish Nutella nut milk on my stories today!! Check it out for a tasty treat!! 🎉🎉🎉 I use @elliesbest nut milk bags that i love - coupon code "kelsey10" for 10% off!
These Orange Chicken Meatballs are on the blog now and will blow your mind!!! So simple, Whole30 compliant and perfection served over some cauliflower fried rice. Link in my bio- save it, pin it, do whatever you gotta do to get this in your meal rotation!